Spring Break 2018 did not involve foam parties and tequila, it was more like warm jackets, leather gloves, bread, tracking steps, paprikash, and lots of red wine. Oh and almost missing trains. OOPS.

I’m going to do this backward and start with the end of my little mini-euro tour. BUDAPEST. Why? Because it was my favorite and whoever decided to save the best for last is boring.

I was hosted by the Zsidai group in Budapest. It is a family-owned business that manages a variety of chic hotels and restaurants. Everything they do is well styled, boutiquey, and unique.

I stayed two nights at Pest – Buda hotel. It’s attached to a super popular and delicious bistro (Pest-Buda bistro) and you almost miss the hotel because of how discreet the entrance is. The whole space only has a handful of rooms and we got to stay in the Atelier Suite at the top of a winding staircase. AMAZING! It was like retro mixed with romance mixed with rustic hardware… basically, all the good stuff combined.

++they even had a red SMEG fridge in the room. I die.

If you stay at Pest -Buda Hotel you absolutely have to book the Atelier Suite, the private terrace is so cute and perfect to watch the sunset over the castle tower with a glass of vino. It was all so charming and the fact that this is LITERALLY the oldest hotel in the city was pretty damn cool.

Every morning I opted for the “Frenchy Breakfast” which included fresh homemade jam, croissants, coffee, and OJ.

After breakfast, I would walk across the bridge to the Pest side of Buda Pest. Honestly, the only reason I did not gain 12lbs (the food was that good and rich) was because of all the walking. Bring comfy shoes and enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you navigate your way in between Buda and Pest.

When I go on a holiday I rarely have “MUST SEES”. Like I am just not one to pay entry into an old castle or church.I’d rather just walk amongst the people, sip on a coffee, and do a wine tasting. Ya know?

Not to knock touristy destinations and sightseeing, but it’s just not for me.

I spent a lot of time at the hotel because I loved it that much. It was spacious and comfortable… and didn’t feel like I had to leave due to claustrophobia. Plus watching the sunset on my lil ‘terrace was something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

The hotel is definitely 5 star but not yourtypicall stuffy over the top place.

L’Occitaine products were in the bathroom and there was a super cool clock /Internet radio placed bedside.

I LIVE for a good detail.

Needless to say, if you are ever in Budapest… which you should be because it’s so cool, you NEED to check out Pest-Buda!

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