Let’s Talk Bout SEX Baby!

Sex is good, sex is great! What do we appreciate??? Some good ol’ fashion romping. Yah?

Some of the best sex I have had has been in bougie hotel rooms, rooftops in Cambodia, overlooking the beach from an apartment balcony, on one of those rental scooters in Thailand.

Oh my there have been many a good time had with men around the world. There’s just something to be said about hooking up in a foreign country. Out of the 40 countries I’ve travelled, I’ve been “with” someone through 35 of them….

You do the math.

I remember when a girlfriend detailed her spicy hook up on a roof in the Philippines with a local. At this point, I myself was of virgin status (late bloomer) and was horrified! He didn’t speak English? How did he know what to do? Are there condoms sold there? And my personal favourite….. Do Asian’s really have small penises?

Now that I am an experienced at ho-in’ globally I can honestly say I get it. I really freaking get it.

Maybe one day I will share my personal anecdotes on sex around the world but for now I give to you a collection, if you will.

A collection of sexy-female travellers doing sexy things world wide – international.


Ayngelina Brogan, Blogger/ Writer

I started my site 6 years ago after leaving a relationship of 5 years and buying a one-way ticket to Mexico but I never wrote about relationships on the road. Maybe people thought I was celibate but I was carefree and enjoying every minute of it. After a Galapagos Cruise, I was able to rent a house on one of the islands and I jumped at the chance. I did write about the island is a Port of Promiscuity when I had issues with one of my island friends ditching me for turning him down.

But I didn’t share how I hooked up with another guide on the island. He was amazing to hang out with and took me to all the places most tourists don’t see. After a month I left the island and we never spoke again but there was an unsaid mutual understanding that the romance had a one-month expiry date with my house rental.

Alice Langley, Blogger

So I’m travelling in China on what turns out to be my last solo adventure before I return to the UK, meet a boy, get knocked up and live happily ever after. Staying with friends in Shanghai, we decide one evening to head out to a launch party for the Shanghai Ex-Pat Rugby Team Naked Calendar  – when is that never a good idea?

We drank a lot of free vodkas, and somewhere throughout the evening I found myself dancing cheek to cheek with Mr February, a 6′ 4″ French Lawyer with the most piercing blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

His accent floored me, and his offer of taking me breakfast was too good to turn down. We walked though the city and fell into bed. He spoke only in French until it was over.

I left for Beijng 2 days later, and I never saw home again – until February the next year of course when he hung on my kitchen wall, a little reminder of the fun you can have when you least expect it.

I didn’t know it then, but that was to be the last time I would ever kiss a stranger again – I met my husband that next March and our daughter was born within the year – turned our my Mr February was the end of an era, and, mon deiu, what an ending it was!

Girls Gone Global - A Collection of Sex Stories From Female Travellers


So I recently went to Berlin (the literal city of sin) and decided to open up tinder. I have German (and bunch of other western European) roots and realized that didn’t help me much with the German ladies, because everyone including myself is attracted to something unfamiliar. I remember getting a match with a girl who recently moved to Berlin from Brazil. We talked for a day and when we decided we should meet she tells me, “I need to tell you two things. One I speak no English all of our conversation has been through Google translate, and two I’m married but my husband accepts my sexuality and allows me to sleep with women in order to satisfy me.” Obviously, at first I was a little shocked or uncomfortable but I was on a one week trip and just wanted to have some fun. So we met up after making Sure her husband wouldn’t be there because that would just be a no no. And it was true, she literally spoke no English so she  came to pick me.

We rode the train to her house and had full conversations typing back and forth to each other on Google translate
We got to her house and had some I would call it decent sex. After we finished she told me I was the best sex she’s ever had including her own husband. I went to leave and we just said bye and parted ways. I got a message later that night of her telling me how much she enjoyed  our time together and would like to come visit me in Israel for some more.
I wasn’t interested in an ongoing fling with a married woman, so I told her if she was ever in the area to send a message. Haven’t spoken to her since 🙂



My lover and I travelled to British Virgin Island for a sailing holiday during NYE. After parting the whole night, we set sail on New Year’s Day in the afternoon. As the boat was sailing in one course, we got naughty and creative. He tied up a sex swing on the spinnaker halyard and we started to have sex right at the bow of the boat, on the deck, with everyone watching, while the boat was at full speed. I was on the sex swing, in the air, feeling the wind brushing through my body, and water splashing underneath me. It was sunny and beautiful. Along with the intense pleasure from my superman lover (190 cm with six packs), I was moaning so loud that some birds even echoed back at me. That was the most amazing New Year’s Day sex I have ever had.


I have been to 50+ countries and absolutely love having sex in interesting places… especially world heritage site of winders of the world!

My nomad ex-boyfriend and I once had sex in Chichen Itza at night. We got in right before it closed the door around 5 pm and the entire site was empty. No one was bothering us. We walked around the giant pyramids and then had intense doggie style pounding right next to one. The sky was full of stars and you could hear birds and monkeys. Mayans must have planted some magic power in this site because OMG my orgasm was intense!

HOT HOT HOT! Thank you for all the ladies who shared with me. You rock, don’t ever change.

If anyone else wants to contribute to the Sex-collection, send me an email. liz@thetongueinchic.com 

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