When I first get to a new city I tend to look for hotels that are a little more upscale than the rest. The kind of hotel that will force me to survive on ramen a month after my trip. You know what I mean?

There’s just something about a bougie hotel. Some of my favorite chains are The Fairmont,  Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Relais & Chateaux, basically anything that screams “YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE” in my face.

After a 14 hour flight to Guangzhou, I knew that I was gonna need something pretty damn special to help cure my flight hangover. Enter Langham Place. Langham is a gorgeous hotel line that started in England in 1865, I had actually never heard of Langham before, but after my stay, I am a definite convert.

Liz at LanghamPlace

The Langham hotels are known for their mix of old England luxe meets modern contemporary, always served with a side of pink. Literally pink.

There are pink accents hidden throughout the rooms and hotel! SO on brand. 

The Langham Place in Guangzhou is found in the new downtown area amidst a bunch of other gorgeous buildings.Seriously the skyline is amaaaazing, Langham Place Guangzhou still manages to stand apart, the architecture is INSANE.

When I got to the hotel I was taken up to the lobby on the 4th floor and was blown away by how vast the space was. It’s definitely a business hotel but still manages to mix classic vibes with contemporary convinces. After the easiest check in I was taken to my room on the 16th floor. It was outrageous. Sky-high windows that had black out curtains which opened at the touch of a button! A king size bed fit for a queen with the softest bedding ever! The bathroom?? Marble everywhere with perfect lighting, deep soaker tub, glass enclosed shower, his and hers sinks. OMG I could go on and on and on.

Needless to say, I was in heaven.

After jumping on the bed, putting on my slippers #robelife, having some truffles, I looked around. The pink details were there but very understated and just simply lovely. I may or may not have taken the hotel pens, they are so charming.

Then I slept. It was heavenly after that flight and much needed. Breakfast was served the next morning at the hotel’s Hao Kitchen restaurant. Staying true to Langham style the options were endless and suited every taste. I, of course, went straight for the cute donuts and pastries.

Langham Place GuangzhouFollowing a cheeky workout at the hotel’s well-equipped gym, I took some time to look at the spa. If I had more time I definitely would have gotten a treatment, this was the real deal.

My Guangzhou Tourism Trip didn’t start until later that day so I was able to have lunch at the esteemed Ming Court This is a sister restaurant of a 2 start Michelin restaurant with the same name in Hong Kong. It was my first authentic Cantonese meal (no beef and broccoli here), I was in foodie heaven every bite of the way.

Even if you can’t stay at the Langham, go and eat at Ming Court. It was that good. I love traditional dim sum, and Ming Court does it best. There was soo much food and it was all heavenly my favorites were the BBQ Peking Duck, poached vegetable with bamboo pith and Chinese wolfberry, and these amazing steamed black truffle and mushroom dumplings. 

Yum freaking yum. Make sure to finish it off with the coconut dessert – Double-boiled bird’s nest and egg white with coconut juice in a coconut shell.

So is it obvious that I absolutely fell in love with every inch of this hotel? Well, you know me. There’s nothing that gets me hotter than my own king sized bed, amazing food, and a bougie bathroom. The staff were aslo sooooo nice and helpful. Every minute at Langham Place was pure luxe.

Langham Place

If you have the chance to visit Guangzhou, stay here. You’ll leave feeling like the prettiest pink princess, and that’s a pretty good feeling. 

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