Reminiscing about last weekend and thank god I have more travel plans coming up.

If you’ve been keeping up with Snapchat and Instagram you saw that I spent last weekend in Abu Dhabi. It was my first real time visiting the Emirate and because the flight was only 1 hour from Muscat it made total sense. Abu Dhabi is like Dubai’s tame older sister, she’s beautiful, classy, ready to settle down but still cool AF.

I didn’t plan much for the weekend because it was such a short time and my main goal was to just sit back and relax at the hotel.

The hotel.

To be honest the whole reason I came to Abu Dhabi was to spend time at the hotel, I needed a good staycation and Hyatt Capital Gate is 100% my type of hotel. The Capital Gate building is iconic and one of the places visitors come to visit just because of the architecture alone. It’s like a modern leaning tower of Pisa, that mixed with the service and style of Hyatt makes The Hyatt Capital Gate the best hotel in Abu Dhabi!

Check-In is on the 18th floor and as soon as the elevators opened I was greeted with the hotel lobby lounge which was BUMPIN. It was Thursday Night (end of the week here) and the hotel had on their Wine and Cheese night, so a lot of outside visitors were in to sit back and enjoy before starting an evening out.

I went straight to my room and died over how sleek it was. The windows were panoramic style and the curtains opened with a touch of the button. The room was amazing and I enjoyed some wine in bed. I looooved the bathroom, it was almost as big as the bedroom and the natural lighting was gorgeous.


I didn’t plan on working out on this trip but brought clothes just in case. So, before breakfast, I decided to check out the hotel gym and was glad I did. It was stocked! Smith machine and all… it was a great way to prep for all the food I would eat at Friday Brunch later.

Travelling alone can be so boring and honestly really depressing. You literally have no one to talk to, no one to eat with, and that all the time to be in your own head.

One of my first truly SOLO trips was to Bali – Christmas 2014 and it was awful. I was so lonely and didn’t talk to anyone for over two weeks except cab drivers and baristas. But I honestly felt totally opposite here in Abu Dhabi, I came in wanting to sit back and relax …and I did. Totally on my own time and agenda, it was perfect and I feel re-energized for the week ahead.


Hyatt Capital Gate’s Friday Brunch is not to be missed. I love a good Middle Eastern brunch and was so impressed by this one. Usually, most Brunch-es in this region are an excuse to overindulge in food and booze. They can be costly but are totally worth the $$ if you spend hours there. What I loved about the Hyatt Capital Gate brunch was that they had the normal buffet but also a-la-carte options. The food was insane and great quality. Brunches can be iffy with food quality but this was AMAZE. I loved the spicy grilled prawns and citrus salmon. SO GOOD. Even if you are not a guest you can take part in the brunch and you’ll see lots of local people enjoying a Friday Brunch too.

roof top

After digesting a bit in the room aka watching Ray Donovan, I had a massage at the Rayana Spa. All staycations need a spa treatment! My massage was bliss and put me right to sleep. I didn’t even eat anything that night because I was so full from brunch. Shameful 😉

The next morning I grabbed a coffee to go and decided that I should probably see the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque. I almost didn’t go because I knew it would be hard to get photos (and of course it’s all about the photo opp) but so glad I did. WOW. I went right at 9am as soon as it opened, changed into my abaya was out in an hour before the crowds started trickling in.

Right before check out and my flight back to Muscat, I squeezed in an Afternoon Tea back at Hyatt Capital Gate. It was perfect and the best pre-flight meal. I love a good afternoon tea. The tiers of treats were delish and of course scones with cream are the best way to any woman’s heart. YUM.


I loved my stay at Hyatt Capital Gate, and am a huge fan of the Hyatt brand. The service was amazing with everyone being so kind and genuine, and the hotel itself had everything I needed. An amazing gym, infinity pool overlooking the city, luxury spa, great food/drink…I seriously did NOT have to leave, which is exactly what I look for in the perfect stay-cation hotel

Hyatt is offering 15% bookings made between November 15 – January 15 on stays up until February 18, 2018. Make a reservation on the website here

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