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Colombia – Not Just Narcos and Coffee

What comes to mind for most people when they hear the word Colombia, is usually other words…. words like women, cocaine, Pablo Escobar, coffee, hot etc. Much to the countries dismay this is the unfortunate perception many people still have. Hell, they even have “Narcos” themed tours. Hopefully, thanks to Lonely Planet’s 2017 Top Destination list, Colombia will get the positive attention that it so deserves. The infamous Netflix hit, Narcos, showed the life of Pablo Escobar getting the world interested in a country that to be honest we hadn’t thought much about.

Colombia has a dark past that can’t be ignored, but in a world focused on the negative let’s take a look at what makes Colombia a must-see for 2017.

  1. The value of Colombia

Colombia can be cheap cheap cheap. I’m talking $25 a day cheap, including accommodation. Thanks to Air BnB, there are many rental properties up for grabs in big cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena. If you prefer a more quaint experience, then head over to a Finca (think a Colombian ranch house). Of course, I am not a budget-friendly type traveller so found myself staying at a super bougie apartment with a rooftop pool and modern style furnishings. You get what you pay for and I know that many people are loving the budget friendly options. I’m just not one for shared living. 

  1. The weather in Colombia

Medellin, a popular space for Digital Nomads/ expats, is affectionately known as the land of eternal spring. Not too hot, not too cold making Goldilocks super excited to wear denim shorts and leather boots all in the same day.  


  1. The Food of Colombia

Colombia is a haven of fried, greasy, and delicious foods. Think empanada’s, blood sausages, and bread for every meal. That being said, the country is also super health conscious. Fresh juices are everywhere, and the abundance of avocado is enough to make any Instagram star’s heart sing. A popular choice for budgeters and foodies is the Menu Del Dia, served at most restaurants, it’s a four course daily special at a super low price. Medellin (where I am staying) is by no means a world food destination, but it’s cheap and versatile, and hell if you get bored of local delicacies you can saunter over to Md Donald’s or HOOTERS. ‘ MERICA. I will be creating a lil’ food guide for Medellin soon!

Right now I am still reminiscing over my meal at Bonhomia, a local charcuterie restaurant where all the meat comes from Colombia. Super authentic, and damn delicious. 

Medellin, Colombia Street Art

  1. The Colombian Women

There is a stereotype that men worldwide, fly to Colombia for the women. While this is an accurate observation, the women here offer so much more than being a man’s eye candy. Women here are lovely, they are kind, and they are fun! As a traveller who isn’t always sure how to keep social, in Colombia, all it takes is striking up a convo with a local woman and basically, you are friends for life. The women here are so friendly, helpful, and protective over each other. In a country that CAN be quite unsafe the local women band together and conscious of each other’s surroundings. GIRL POWER!

  1. The Shopping

Local business is huge in Colombia. The people take pride in their own product and it’s not unusual to find streets of cool boutiques that you’d expect from a street in LA. Trendy, well made, and uniquely Colombian, designers are plentiful! I’ll admit that I was ignorant in thinking that Colombia would have terrible shopping options. Shame on me. My favourite way to shop is to hit up Instagram and look at the gorgeous curated shop feeds. I came across @Etniaboutique and fell in love with the handmade pieces that are super Colombia-chic. If you fancy some window shopping head to Medellin’s La Zona Rosa where the options are plentiful. 

Post – election blues? Book a trip, escape and enjoy the diversity that should be part of everyone’s world. Colombia is calling, and you may want to hurry before everyone else arrives.


Christmas Travel Plans 2017

Coming at you live from a hotel bed, bored as hell, and hungry. Should be interesting.

I wanted to share my Christmas itinerary with you guys and also touch on the difficulties of traveling at Christmas.

Growing up we never had big traditional Christmas dinners at my house. There was no struggle to find the time to visit grandmas house, aunties, uncles, second grandmas… nothing like that. I remember spending Christmas in Mexico and Palm Springs during my pre-university days but the childhood memories are blurry. My mom still made it special by doing stockings and amazing gifts for us growing up but I don’t remember it being a big deal at all. Like imagining my mom stressing over a table setting is a hilarious vision.

Honestly, my fondest Christmas memory was going last minute shopping with my mom in downtown Edmonton. We went to Holt Renfrew and had a Bernard Callebaut chocolate (or 5) on the way out. I like to think of that as a Christmas tradition even tho I think we did it once, maybe twice.

Then when I started dating, I tried suppppper hard to make Chrismas a thing. Like stockings and matching onesies kind of thing. CRINGE. I spent Christmas with a partner’s family twice and HATED it. Can’t do small talk with my own aunts nevermind someone else’s. I spent lots of money on the perfect gifts, tried out all the holiday recipes that would obviously turn out inedible …. cookies are hard AF. literally.

So, with all that it shouldn’t be a surprise that Christmas celebrations are not that important to me. At least the Hallmark version isn’t…

Over the last few years, I have spent Christmas abroad and alone. Last year I was solo in Colombia and ate caramel/cheddar popcorn while watching The Man In The High Castle. The year before I was with a boyfriend in Hong Kong and ate a 9 course Michelin dinner(obviously my fav). The year before that I went to Bali -Ubud for yoga and got stuck in a rainstorm on my scooter. All cool experiences in their own right definitely not the Pinterest perfect version of Christmas.

Do I miss it? Yes. Somewhat.

I guess a part of me wishes that I had those connections with people that would make for a normal Christmas. A group of friends cheers-ing over a perfect meal, spending money on people because you want to, wearing cute flannel, celebrating with someone you actually love… but then I think about all the stress that comes around Christmas and I’m torn. Christmas has kinda turned inauthentic, you know?

Maybe I am doing it right, by acting like it’s just another day.

Christmas this year will be spent in Australia! And I am damn excited. I will be traveling with my girl Alisha which should be fun because she is very easy going and will balance me out perfectly. I’ve already booked us a table at Nobu for Christmas dinner because fresh sushi is much more appealing than dry turkey!

The last time I traveled with a friend? well. You can get a better sense of how that went here. So wish us luck 😉

I’m actually so relieved to be spending Christmas with a friend because honestly, the last two solo ones were depressing AF, it really got to me that I had no one to talk to except waiters and the barista who knew my order, bless.

I’m learning that I can handle like 1 week of solo travel before I get bored and unmotivated.

The hardest part about traveling during Christmas is obviously the cost! We missed a really great flight deal so my RT cost on flights for this trip is about $2000. Then with hotels and 1 Air BNB, it came to about $3000 (split between 2) so not a cheap trip. BUT HELL. Australia is definitely a once in a lifetime or maybe decade kinda thing. So I just gotta.


I’m super excited and have made a google doc for cafes, brunch spots, photo opps, etc… you get the point. Google Docs for trips are honestly the best. Nothing is worse than reaching a foreign place, starving and then not knowing where to eat. This has happened to me soooo many times and I’ve had some terrible meals because of it. BARCELONA… gut suckered into eating at an “Italian” place where the whole staff was Indian. hmmm.

Anyways, what are your Christmas plans? How do you usually celebrate? Do you need the fam-time or would you go on a solo trip instead?

A Guide to Boutique Shopping in Medellin + A Giveaway

Happy New Year!! I know I’m a bit late to the game….. better late than never tho?

So I am home, freezing my ass off and terrified to drive on the winter roads. Like absolutely terrified. I have the worst luck with other cars or objects crashing into me. What is up with that? Maybe another topic for another time, but I have been the VICTIM of car accidents like 5 times.

So last week I published a post all bout the amazing food I had in Medellin. But other than eating, coffee, going to fancy movie theatres… what did I do in the City of Eternal Spring? Well, I shopped. A LOT. When I first came to Medellin and saw the little boutiques lined up in Provenza my first thought was “MADE IN CHINA”….. I’m such an ignorant little twat. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Colombians are damn talented, they are savvy, and they can put out some gorgeous items for most tastes. Needless to say, my suitcase was packed full. Shopping in Medellin is fun and super affordable!

If you are headed to Medellin these are the boutiques you GOTTA check out.

Ocho 43 – I fell in love with Ocho 43 as soon as I walked in. It felt like a cool boutique that should be on Melrose. It was bright and beautiful, with staff who through the language barrier, really wanted me to walk out with something I loved. I loved this store so much I went back 3x. Like a psycho. I think they started to get worried. Who is this white girl, why is she looking at the same stuff she looked at yesterday?

Ocho 43 carries different Colombian designers. You are sure to find something here. I fell in love with the swim wear and lingerie options. There’s also jewellery, home goods, paper goods, shoes, chocolate! THE LIST GOES ON. Seriously if you want to bring back a sweet something straight from Colombia. GO HERE.

Melate –  Yum Yum! Ethically sourced Colombian chocolate. You gotta try it to believe it. Luckily it’s sold in many boutiques (Ocho 43) but they also have a shop of their own near Parque Lleras. You can sit back with a truffle and hot chocolate and people watch.Mio Coral – Medellin has a ton of swim wear brands. I mean the women have gorgeous bodies and aren’t afraid to show them, so why not! I had a really hard time deciding where to get a suit because the options were endless. Then I found Mio Coral and I set my heart on a gorgeous burgundy fringe one piece with a low back. SEX.

Mio Coral can be found at Ocho 43 or at their boutique in Bogata.

Makua – Tucked away in a little house-like building on Provenza you will find Makua. Quite possibly the most beautiful jewellery I’ve seen. The designer Paulina is a local who has created a brand that is not only stunning but focuses on sustainable fashion. Inside the showroom, you will see Lucy an indigenous woman who works hard at creating these gorgeous pieces. Employing local women from the surrounding tribes makes Makua even more special and as a buyer, you are contributing to the supporting local business. Makua, Paulina, and Lucy stole my heart. The handmade pieces are super affordable and most sit around $50. You can also find Makua around South America, North America, and a few places in Europe. Needless to say, Makua is going places. check them out

Needless to say, Makua is going places. check them out online!

Home Poetry  – I came across the cutesy Home Poetry line over Instagram. Specialising in handmade ceramic designs these are the perfect mix of cute and chic. Home Poetry aims to “bring warmth to spaces, creating unique experiences with objects that tell stories”. I especially looooove the ring towers. Genius. Check them out on Instagram for delivered across Medellin or their storefront/workshop in Barrio Manila. Casa del Arabol Colectivo is a design collective of 8 local Medellin designers. So cool and definitely worth checking out.

Home Poetry Colombia

Parchita – Bags and shoes. Bags and shoes. Two things I never feel bad about shopping for. Parchita makes the funkiest bags that are super unique and sure to turn heads. The brand is 100% Colombian and passionate about creating bags that are unique, comfortable, and well made. Take a look online or find them in many boutiques throughout Medellin.

Pura – A perfectly curated Instagram feed just does it for me. That’s how I found Pura. The clothes are gorgeous and all made/designed in Medellin. Simple but interesting these pieces are truly unique and a great buy.The light and loose fitting clothes really saved me in Medellin heat, but what I loved most was that I still looked chic. No tank top and jean shorts here. 😉 “Pura is where style meets basic”.

Well wasn’t that fun? To celebrate I am doing a chic-y Paisa style giveaway. A few local brands and designers collaborated with me and we are bringing a truly Chic Colombian Style Giveaway! We got coffee, we got chocolate, a cute plant holder, a Pura scarf, and more ++

Open internationally! To enter just make sure to follow The Tongue In Chic and follow Home Poetry. Co on Instagram * I will be checking like a psycho! Then comment on my latest Instagram photo with what city you wish you could be shopping in and tag a friend! THAT’S IT!! I like to keep life simple.

Good luck! Winner announced/contacted via Instagram on January 7th!

A Chic Lil’ Medellin Restaurant Guide

The Chic-est Medellin Restaurant Guide 2017
After countless meals alone at some of the best Medellin Restaurants, I consider myself an expert,

However, before we start I have a little disclaimer. I am perfectly aware what “the real” Medellin looks like. This guide is not going to give you a typical Colombian experience. So if you are looking for info on the best empanada or where to find Bandeja Paisa. LOOK AWAY.

This is a guide for chic-not so budgety tourist.  That being said, Medellin is a relatively inexpensive city and delicious meals, fancy cocktails, and finding things to do won’t kill your wallet.

Here are my picks for some of the best restaurants in Medellin. Side Note** I spent most of my time in Poblado and Laureles (ya I’m a tourist, so what?) so all these picks will be found in those areas. I was in Medellin for 65 days…. I ate at roughly 30 different restaurants, needless to say, I take my gastronomy seriously.

Let’s get to it!

Best Cafe in Medellin

This was a hard one because you know me and COFFEE. I don’t fuck around. I won’t lie that I was under impressed with the coffee in this country. Like I literally considered having Starbucks ship me some VIA. Just sayin.

That being said my favourite cafe had to be the Belgian-inspired Cafe Velvet.

Cafe Velvet makes a mean cappuccino and they offer almond milk! HUGE RARITY in this city. The staff is so friendly, coffee is consistent, and the Belgian boys they ship over for coffee internships aren’t bad either.Velvet Cafe Medellin

Best Italian Restaurant in Medellin

TOSCANA! My truest love. GO HERE. The Italian owner is friendly, and the pizza is on point. What’s even better is their Menu Del Dia start off with the amazing house-made tomato soup then choose from pizzas, pasta, meat dishes, risotto, the selection is HUGE and all for $5USD. Insane.

Best Food with Friends Medellin Restaurant

Sometimes you gotta go haram and eat the pig. You feel me? Charcuterie is one of my favourite ways to eat out in a large group. Tasting boards everywhere, it is super low key but also very Parisian, and you can’t go wrong going Parisian. Bonohmia offers amazing cured meats all from Colombia with delicious cheese. They also knock it out with a great selection of beer and wine, try their frozen lychee sangria.

Best Menu Del Dia in Medellin

This was a tough one. I suggest Naturalia Cafe or Salud Pan if you are in Laureles. They are generally healthy meals, vegetarian options, and super filling. If you are of the Poblado clientele, make your way over to Marieta or Toscana (I really freaking love that place).

 Best Medellin Brunch Spot

Goose and Beaver AKA Ganso & Castor. Possibly my favourite food experience in Medellin. There are 3 locations, and they are all super busy speaking to how DAMN GOOD this place is.The chef and owner, studied abroad and has lived arounfd the world, taking her experiences back to Medellin and creating the delicious menu at Ganso & Castor. She nailed it. Going for a NYC bistro type vibe, with light but flavourful dishes, I was in heaven. The Eggs Benedict is light yet decadent, which means you can save room for their Carrot Cake or Greek Yogurt / Tomato Jam Marmalade (perfect mix of sweet/sour).

Ganso & Castor has the best brunch in Medellin, hands down.

Ganso y Castor Medellin Brunch Spot

Best Dessert in Medellin

Funny enough for a country that loves sugar ( people are chowing ice cream cones at 10am) the dessert scene is rather lacking. If you hit up some good restaurants they will have a nice selection. BUT stand alone pastry shops? Meh. The best I can recommend is Arte Dolce run by an Italian man and his Colombian wife. They are friendly and their gelato is the real deal. I obviously had to try their Tiramisu which was sooo boozy and delicious. LOVED it.

Make sure to try the Mani gelato scooped into a fresh brioche chocolate cone. YUM.

Best Grab and Go

Sometimes you just gotta eat and run, nothing wrong with that. In that case, I suggest Subula an amaaaazing Gyro shop just up from Parque Lleras. It’s chic and modern with open air seating. The food? AMAZING. So much flavour. Messy as fuck and I had Tztakitaki running down my chin but totally worth it. I’m not big into vegetarian food.. that being said, order the Veggie Gyro, it’s packed with deep fried zucchini balls. HEAVEN.

Subula Medellin Gyros

Best Vegetarian in Medellin

Ohhh baby. If you are a vegetarian or into organic food you will find some great options. Medellin has some great healthy food options.

Naturalia Cafe, Salud Pan, Mundo Verde and Verdeo and hit it out of the park. They also offer some great Menu Del Dia options

Best Pizza and Wine in Medellin

Bruno is a restaurant tucked in a cozy little area five minutes from Parque Lleras. It’s at the bottom of an apartment building and next to a few other restaurants. Two things I loved. 1. It’s quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. 2. The wine selection is huuuuge, and the pizza is on point. Everything is made in a stone oven and the kitchen is open so you can see your food being made. I opted for the Speck + Arugula pizza and the pork was soooo tasty. Definitely worth a stop, or two. Not a pizza fan? Weird, but lucky for you the concept allows you to order across from the other restaurants. Genius.

I could go on and on about the abundance of good restaurants in Medellin. Sadly there are a few that I missed out on trying due to holiday closures. Some honourable mentions that you definitely shouldn’t miss: Oci,mde , La Cantine, and Alambique. I may be missing the Medellin food scene, but my expanding ass sure won’t.

Now I know people can get weird about food, so play nice. Tell me what your favourite Medellin restaurant spots are? 

Short Hair, Who Cares and Ciao to Medellin

Gone! Finito! Buh Bye. Guess who is rocking short hair?

I said Adios to my not so long locks, and I’m kinda liking it. You guys have been with me through thick and thin. Literally.

Last year I wrote about my struggle with alopecia, and how nice thick locks just aren’t in my genome. With the stress of moving to and from Kuwait my skin and hair revolted and I felt totally opposite of sexy.

Colombia long hairThis summer when I came back to Canada I splurged and paid the cost of a used car to have someone else’s hair attached to my head. I loved my extensions and rocked them all summer. The only problem was that I had to go in every month to get them tightened, and moving to Colombia it just didn’t make sense.

So out came the fake, and I was left with a whole lotta NOTHING. My hair was sparse AF.

I looked like a little Gollum mother fucker.

It was not pretty. You could literally see through to the other side of the room looking through my hair. Horrific. SO I contemplated shaving my head, starting fresh, getting into wigs, Kylie Jenner kinda style.  Then one day I was got really freaking tired of rocking my signature “low bun” the easiest way to hide the thinness of my stands.

It was time.

Luckily a girlfriend who rocks a short pixie cut, told me that she had found an amazing hairstylist in Medellin, and trusted him completely. So I booked an appointment, screenshot a pic of Julianne Hough (the bob-goddess) and headed to Ambroxia to see Vladamir. With a name like Vladamir, I knew he was going to be the right choice.

Thirty minutes later and I was a whole new person. I had expected to feel sad, as I usually do after appointments to the hairdresser. But this time was different. Vlad was an absolute gem, ya we are on nickname basis, didn’t ask him but just rolling with it. Before I sat in his chair, I gave my usual disclaimer (which for some reason I always do) and said how much I hated my hair, it’s thin, gross, dead, dry, blah blah blah blah blah…. Vladamir stopped me and essentially told me to stop being such a bitch to myself…. to embrace what God has given me and that I could 100% rock a shorter hairstyle and show off the angles of my face.

I shut my mouth and let him work his magic. And magic it was! I walked out of the salon feeling sexy, confident and refreshed.

Colombia short hair

Guess what? I’ve worn my hair down every day since. No low hair buns trying to hide my wispy strands. The dead ends are gone and countless people have told me how much more dense it all looks. I’m only getting slightly annoyed of people calling me cute, but it’s better than the cancer jokes.

I may not rock the lob forever, but for now? I’m liking it.

Thanks, Vlad you rock don’t ever change. If you are looking to get a haircut in Medellin, Ambroxia Salon is the best choice and ask for Vladamir.

In other news, I have 5 days left in Medellin. It’s been an interesting two months here, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. That’s all you can really ask for is it not? I will be coming out with a Medellin Foodie / Shopping guide soon but for now…..

Quick Highlights on Medellin

The food. The shopping. The weather. The cost. Everything in Medellin has been sooo affordable, and not in the cheap backpacker way either. I’m talking gorgeous clothing, amazing 5-Star meals, and bougie spas all for a relatively low cost. I’m a tad nervous that my luggage is gonna be overweight from all the shopping I’ve done. The boutique shopping scene is fucking amazing in Medellin. I feel like a Kardashian walking out with bags of gorgeous clothing.

To my girlfriends back home? I’m coming for you. Merry Christmas, gifts for all, just call me Big Daddy Santa Claus. If you are travelling to Medellin and are partial to chic boutiques make sure you check out PURA, you can also order online.

So thoughts? Have you done a big hair change?? What about boutique shopping, or are you more of a mall kinda gal?

Cartagena, You Look Good On Me

Hello, Hello!

Excuse me while I bask in the glory of my new site! I’m still getting used to WP but looooving how it all came together. Last weekend I went on a mini vacay/stay-cay and I’m still flyin’ high. Needless to say it’s been a good week in Colombia.

Before moving to a new apartment in Medellin (shared living is NOT for me), I decided to take a quick flight to Cartagena, which is arguably the most beautiful place in Colombia. The flight between the two cities is cheap cheap and sooo quick (45 minutes). Plus thanks to Medellin Airport Transfer, getting to the airport was a breeeeeze. I’m all about a chic-y airport transfer.

Staying true to myself I did ZERO planning before my trip and had no idea what to expect.I knew that the highlight would be the “old-walled city”, and that I had to stay there. Imma let you judge this place from the pictures and abundance of perfect photo opps. You know those Instagram photos of gorgeous tanned women wearing chic, beach clothes,carrying baskets of fresh flowers prancing around on their tiptoes like Barbie dolls? Yep those photos are 87% of the time taken in Cartagena.

The city is MADE for the self-indulged travelling millennial, AKA moi.

Streets of Cartagena Where to Sleep in Cartagena

I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Alfiz, a boutique hotel with an intense history dating back to the 1700s. Every room was themed after a time in Cartagena’s history, which made me feel totally smart staying there. Rooms have been named; Colonia, Pirate, Revolucion etc. Perfect for a cheeky role play, you feel me? Plus the made to order breakfast and in house library made it the perfect place to rest after a long day out.

Speaking of long days out…. I didn’t leave the walled city. I stayed there for 3 days and basked in all the coloured walls, and old colonial buildings.  I will admit got a bit antsy after walking the streets and taking photos of myself. That being said, this kinda trip is the one I’ve been living for lately. Full of down time, delicious meals, and a comfy bed. That’s it.img_0181

Alfiz Hotel CartagenaWhere to Eat in Cartagena

We ate and ate and ate. No restaurant reviews were left un-read, and I take pride on my selections for our weekend meals. I knew that Cartagena would be a mecca for great places to eat, so I went in hard and I have no regrets. Truffles, ganache, copious amounts of white bread and olive oil, and glass upon glass of red wine. Gotta live a little, am I right?!

Alma Restaurante and Bar was an absolute dream. Located in an equally dreamy hotel, Casa San Augustin, we had the most delicious meal and easily my favourite since being in Colombia. The staff were so patient in explaining all the dishes (no Hablo Espanol problems), and I ended up with a bison steak, and amazing truffle ratatouille. For dessert? A coconut pie with lemon gelato that was like a gift from the gods. I swear.

We stayed at Alma for 3 hours, that in my mind makes a perfect evening. I’m sooo over fast-restaurants, like if I want something quick I’ll go to Mc Donald’s, dining out is a luxury in itself and Alma delivered.

Alma Restaurant Cartagena
Courtesy of Hotel Casa San Agustín

Make sure that you check out Sofitel’s Santa Clara bar for a bougie cocktail experience. They make some truly delightful drinks and if you are feeling dangerously exotic go for the El Ritual Del Fuego, that’s all I will say. Cartagena has some great cocktail bars. Al Quimico was one of my favs and we went twice! They make all their liquor infusions in house, and I died over the Basil Lulep. Yum Yum Yum.
Streets of Cartagena

I could go on and on about the amazing food and drinks we indulged in this weekend. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat to stay tuned in with all these mini-food delights. No shame in the food-selfie game.


Ciao for Now!

What do you think of Cartagena? Have you been to Colombia, is it even on your list?

A Girl’s Weekend Away Victoria Style – Les Trois Petits Cochons


12 HOUR countdown people! I’m leaving behind this disgusting Edmonton weather and headed to Medellin, Colombia. Nervous? Excited? Panicky? Yep. I’m feeling it all.

I wanted to have one last hurrah before I left for the winter and decided to take a nice jaunt over to Victoria, BC. Thank god I did because the weather in Edmonton fell quickly and 5 days in the snow was enough to make me pack on 5lbs of chocolate and pie, cuz you know comfort food.

Anyways. VICTORIA! There was a killer flight sale from West Jet, and I scored a flight for under $200. I headed off with two girl friends for the ULTIMATE Girl’s Weekend away.

Call me basic, but a wine tasting, day at the spa, and hot hot blow out was all I needed to cure my Winter blues.

We arrived Friday morning and headed straight to the hotel.

I get such anxiety when booking a hotel. Anyone else? Too many times I’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere or disappointed to no end. Luckily we had an amazing 2 bedroom suite at the Chateau Victoria which was in the best location ever.

They are also doing a major reno soon so if you have the chance to go in the new year, do it!

I’ve talked about this 1000x, and here I go again. If you are doing a weekend away and only bringing carry-on, you need to ditch your shampoo and hair straightener. Schedule a blow out instead! The style will last you the whole weekend, rain, snow, freaky sex, a blow out is made to last through it all. We went to LUV Salon and it was so fun just to get pampered before the Winery . I went for the whole tousled, beach wave vibe and was super pleased.

After our chic-y blowouts we headed out to Church and State Winery for a chic lunch and tasting. I love wine, but I’m not going to annoy you with tasting notes, legs, and aroma talk. BORING.

I either like how it tastes and will drink half the bottle, or I won’t like it and still drink half the bottle.

Definitely easy to please in the VINO department. That being said. I was blown away by this place. We ate lunch at the bistro overlooking the vineyard, and literally saw baby deer frolicking through the trees. It was straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

The food was sooooo on point, and might I add very aesthetically pleasing.

Definitely one of my fav meals in Victoria.

After the lovely meal we tasted and tasted and tasted, white, rose, red, no wines were left behind. I fell in love with the Lost Inhibition line which was sooo Tongue In Chic, it was as if we were made for each other.

Don’t you agree?? Totally ON BRAND.

If you are in Victoria you need to make sure to check out Church and State, and if you won’t be visiting anytime soon I defs recommend ordering a case off of their site.

You’ll get some cheekiness delivered straight to your door for the next party you host, and can maybe even find a classy way to tell your mother in law to f*ck off.

After the afternoon we took a bottle back to the hotel to keep the party going and only stopped to have a delicious meal at Bodega.

Sunday was spent nursing our food and wine belly’s, from the day before, at the luxurious Sante Spa. All girl’s weekends need to end at a spa, I’ve decided.

Sante was soooo perfect because it was a little out of the city at a gorgeous mountain resort. The drive was beautiful and provided a different view of Victoria. We spent three hours at the spa, totally relaxing and literally soaking it all up. I opted for the Element Mountain Massage which was cool because it incorporated Earth, Fire, Water, Air and I felt very in touch with my spiritual side.

After the treatment we relaxed in the relaxation lounge and had some tea, cucumber water, and snacks – all in robes. #robelife

Even if you aren’t staying at the Westin, you neeeed to stop at the spa and see all that the resort has to offer.


Quick and Dirty – Victoria BC


Stay – Chateau Victoria , The Empress

Eat – Bodega Tapas and Wine Bar, Red Fish Blue FishFishhook ,

Relax – Sante Spa

Play – Church and State WInery 

Have you visited BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA? I sure hope Victoria was your first stop 😉

4 Jobs for the Aspiring Traveller

The first question that follows, when I tell someone I’m moving abroad, is usually “for what?!” At least when I was teaching I had a good enough explanation that I was left alone and not asked much else.

Weeelll that’s unfortunately not the case anymore.

Now I’m asked how I afford to travel to exciting places with no “real-job” to speak of. Friends, family, strangers on the internet, hell even my chiropractor wants to know, which makes me think that if people are so damn curious then they probably are imagining what life would be like in my shoes.

Living and working abroad is much easier than you think , and there are plenty more opportunities then JUST teaching English. SIDE NOTE* I didn’t teach English, I was a fully certified teacher who slaved away at University for 5 year to get a degree. Not fresh out of high school rocking a backpack. Just clearing that up.

After perusing the internet, talking to other travel bloggers, scouring message boards I found a bunch of cool opportunities for working/travelling abroad. Here are some great ways to make money online while travelling.

1. Teach a Fitness Class

When i was in Bali, I talked to so many westerners who had come to Bali to finish yoga training, and were either staying on the island or taking their practice world wide! In Kuwait almost all the fitness instructors were from the UK or North America! Not only do you get to wear yoga pants all day, you get paid to do it aaaaand can shack up in some cool places. There are lots of opportunities at hotels to teach fitness classes and if you are really lucky, some will provide food/accommodation! Teaching abroad has never been easier!

2. Become a Travel Nurse

Everyone knows how easy it is to teach abroad, or rather to get a JOB teaching abroad (the actual teaching part is HELL), but did you know that Travel Nursing is a serious thing too. A travel nursing company can help set you up on where to go and all the behind the scenes stuff! I almost considered nursing as a career, I even discussed it with my mom. The general consensus (words straight from mom’s moth) was that I have the compassion of Hitler and best stay away from the sick and elderly. Damn.

3. Digital Nomad It Up

If you are even the tiniest bit tech savvy, I highly encourage you to look into all the jobs that are available straight from your computer. Marketing, design, coding, writing etc. Digital Nomad opportunities are huge if you have the right skill set. I myself will be primarily blogging, and freelance writing when I head to Medellin, Colombia. Other DN’s I know of are managing social media accounts, cold-calling, marketing for start-ups.. and so much more! The general rule is that if you have a laptop and a good WIFI connection, you can be a Digital Nomad.

4. Drive a Truck

No this is not a joke. Gone are the days of only old creepy men driving semis, downing Big Gulps, and perving on teenagers. Plenty of young people with a desire to live life on the road are reading up on truck driving resources. People love the freedom of owning their own truck and literally choosing where it takes them. Yes it’s not something you can do on the fly BUT I read a recent story of a young guy saving up for a lil’rig and just living the dream travelling throughout North America. Not for me but hey, imagine all the Podcasts you could get through.

So what do you think? Are there any other travel-friendly jobs you’ve heard of that allow you to travel the world and make income while doing so?



Big News! The Tongue In Chic is GOING PLACES

Unfortunately not in the figurative way, as like moving up, up in the world. Still driving my 2005 VW Beetle, and getting free refills at Starbucks. Calm down.

Nope! I am outta here! Bye, Adios, Hasta Luego, Ciao, Salaaam MOFOs.

Like a month ago I posted all about the need for some Travelspo, to help me get my ass moving. I knew I wanted to get out before Edmonton turned depressing –  WINTER IS COMING.

So my search began. I browsed the fuck out of the internet. I read message boards, trip advisor reviews, blog posts, scholarly articles (kidding). Finally I decided on a place that would offer me gorgeous weather, good food, and culture. It’s all about the culture isn’t it?


To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know anything about this place until I watched Narcos ( sorry Medellin), then as I started reading it turned out that this city was exactly what I was looking for.

Good wifi, low cost of living, and Digital Nomads are flocking to the place like dogs in heat. Plus having never been to South America, I figured that I needed to check that off of my imaginary list.

Other options included SE Asia, a place I know fairly well and could know what to expect in terms of getting around, cost etc. That would have been the easier choice. I talked to friends and family and they were all super supportive but encouraged me to try something new, and remember that if I HATE it , I am just a flight away.  I had a girlfriend who is Colombian, and just a beauty of a person, so I figure if I meet even three people like her, I will be okay. I called her up (she’s in Bali ATM), and it was funny because to her Colombia is home and not that exciting, she was pushing me to move to Vietnam, or HK. Those places may be in my future for sure, but I’m ready to fully embrace this move and try my best not to second guess my self. I literally have been talking Australia, Japan, Ubud, and now Medellin for two months.


I have found a perfect place in Medellin. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, and in a neighborhood called Laurales which has yoga studios, cutesy cafes, and hippy vegan restaurants…. you know all the stuff I pretend to like but really roll my eyes at.

The house is a shared apartment/villa with 5 bedrooms, often filling up with other nomads or travellers.

The thing I wasn’t expecting was to move in with other people. I HATE PEOPLE. Roommates? I’ve had one and I was a psycho about it. Like literally psycho. I may or may not have accidentally stumbled into his room and rustled through his sock drawer .

This is kind of different tho, as the house is massive, chic, and the guests tend to be people just like MOI. I figured that once again, if I HATE it, I can leave.

Anyways, stay tuned. My flight is booked for October 25. I will keep everyone in the loop on what goes down, and hopefully can do like a Facebook Live of the place or something.

I almost want to make it a big “unveil” that’s how chic this place is.