Some days you just gotta indulge, you feel me?

I have a huge problem with brand loyalty and love trying out new things. I don’t think I’ve EVER purchased a second bottle of a foundation, or only stuck to one kind of protein bar. I just gotta try it all, kinda like Pokemon for shopping. You know?

This post is not sponsored. These are just honestly some of my favourite things ATM. And might I dare add that I may even consider a re-buy??

Hourglass Foundation – I finally found my HOLY GRAIL foundation. After years of searching and trying and testing everything, this is my fav. It’s high coverage and leaves a gorgeous dewy look. I definitely recommend it, a tad expensive at $65 a bottle but try it out or at least get a sample from Sephora 😉

Raden – This suitcase is the bomb. Not only does it have a USB charger, it connects to Bluetooth to track on GPS I must be one unlucky SOB because my suitcases have been misplaced and lost more times than I can count. This feature would definitely bring down my anxiety level. Raden is so popular there is a massive waiting list for the carry-on case. I love the pink color but would recommend you buy something darker so it doesn’t scuff when checked.

Raden Suitcase

Belgian Boys – My trip to Bruges was one of my favorites, the architecture was gorgeous and it was so romantic but let’s get real it was the food that really did it for me. I stocked up on chocolate and mini- stroopwafels (waffle biscuits) to take home but my pile kinda depleted rather quickly. Luckily I found Belgian Boys. I love having treats that you can’t just get at your local super market and these mini choco- waffles from the Belgian Boys are to die for.

Speculoos is my favorite treat ever if you have no idea what I’m talking about then stop reading and go find some. You will thank me but your ass won’t.

Literally, can eat the “cookie butter” by the spoonful. I’m whipping these treats out the next time I have some girls over because they are heaven when dipped in coffee. yum yum yum.

Belgian Boys

Fillerina Lip Plumper – I came across Fillerina in some beauty magazine and was super intrigued. The reviews were great and I’ve always been into the idea of lip fillers so I thought hell, why not. Using hyaluronic acid the plumper retains water into your lips getting them nice and juicy. I actually notice a difference when I use this stuff and they recommend using it consecutively for a few weeks to see results. I’ve never had thin lips but they’ve been looking extra smoochable lately.

Fillerina Lip Plum Buy

Wigs?! – Totally had my Kylie K moment when I tried a wig on from BHair Extensions. I’ve talked about my thin hair struggles before and how I’ve basically tried everything under the sun to spruce up my look. I definitely couldn’t wear this all the time but for a night out it’s super fun and you guys totally loved it on my Instagram so thanks! Lace front wigs are a good option if you want a natural look and they are quite inexpensive, definitely a fun lil’ buy. I totally recommend watching You Tube videos to get a good idea on how to style your lace wig!

BHair Extensions and Wig Buys

So tell me what’s in your shopping bag at the mo? Any good finds in the beauty department that you will definitely re-buy? Holy grail product??

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