Middle East

Krabi – Thailand


I want/need to go on a trip, I’m just not sure where, when, how, and why.

Typical kind of attitude when you plan on dropping thousands of dollars. I know.

I kinda had narrowed it down between Australia and Japan, and then further to Japan.

So I guess I’m going to Japan? Or am I. Until a flight is booked it’s not real, so I will keep ya’ll posted. All I know is that in approximately three months it’s going to be freezing in Edmonton and I don’t want to buy a new winter wardrobe.

More often than not, travel is fucking exhausting and we all secretly covet the feeling of being back in our own beds. Unless I’m staying a month at a 5star, I want my own bed. I’ve been home for two months and I’m restless. So I’ve been scouring the internet looking at places to go that are “blogger friendly”. Which basically means free WIFI, cheap eats, and perfect lighting.

I typically don’t read travel blogs, they can be boring as hell and obviously not relatable unless you are also a travel blogger.. right?!

Plus most travel bloggers are okay with things like museums and long lines to see famous Nazi hideaways. YAWNNNN Not my kind of before bed reading material.

If there’s one thing The Tongue In Chic offers it’s being relatable .

Which is why I don’t think I’ve ever done a “TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN KUWAIT” and instead you’re more likely to find “TOP 10 REASONS KUWAIT SUCKS SHIT”.

BUT I do appreciate that some people need some inspiration or tips when choosing a getaway destination.

So if you are ever in the market for some travel advice, I’m your girl. I mean it, let’s skype and have tea, I promise I’m not psycho, my friends are just all married or with child. #foreveralone

Scroll on to see a few of the things I’ve seen. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photographical evidence of the 12 hour night ferry I took in Philippines, which was hell on earth after they ran out of San Miguel and I ran out of Ambien.


Cairo – Egypt


Hoi An – Vietnam


Vientiane – Laos


Arran Islands – Dublin


Bruges – Belgium


Amsterdam – Netherlands


Petra – Jordan


Munich – Germany


Cairo – Egypt


Santorini – Greece


Angkor Wat – Cambodia


Rome – Italy


Siargao – Philippines


Hong Kong

Where should I go next? Better yet, where the hell are you going? 

  Tick Tock goes the VERY VERY SLOOOOOWWW clock. Bye Bye, Kuwait! I am outta here in less then twenty days! I know I will kind of miss this little country that I’ve been calling home. So each weekend I’ve been taking a few more pictures, spending less time at home, and soaking up all the things Kuwait […]

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  After trekking Petra (here), I headed to The Dead Sea for some final down time before returning to the grind. I floated, I mud – bathed, floated some more, and went back to my roots with a cheeky Sex On The Beach. Ugh! The hotel had a seriously limited cocktail choice, but still, It was a good time. […]

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Was it worth it? Well to answer that , I first need to explain what IT is. It is trekking for 4 hours, non stop, up hill, and having your hips feel like they’ve birthed three children simultaneously. It is blisters in between my toes, later to be burned by DEAD SEA SALT WATER. It is crying because the desert kitties […]

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Good bye sweet Kempinski Aqaba Red Sea and your amazing breakfast buffet. The service at this hotel was one of a kind. Constant attention, whether it be the bartender knowing our drinks, the complimentary dessert, or the amazing turn down service. This hotel really got it right, and is truly worthy of it’s 5 stars. Over the […]

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Bon Voyage Mo Fo’s. I am in Jordan for a week of fun, sun, dead sea baths, and ancient ruins. I’m going to be really honest and say that this isn’t my ideal kind of trip. I’ve been in the Middle East for toooo long and every country looks the same. There I said it. […]

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A trip to Dubai is basically  my sanity after months of hard living in Kuwait. Dubai provides more than just a pretty skyline. I can’t recommend Dubai as a vactation spot enough. It has something for everyone. I’ve gone with girlfriends, boyfriends,  and my mother. So every trip was a bit different. From yachting in the Persian […]

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Hot guys look away.  Not that I think any hot guys visit the blog, but if you do – PM me later. K thanks.  Okay, I have never had the best digestive tract sorry for TMI , but things are never as regular as I’d like. Then one day I went to a yoga seminar(no, […]

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