House De Creme De La Creme
Oh hot damn, was I feeling spicy last week. I was sitting in my favorite Vietnamese place in Sherwood Park (my home town), and enjoying a nice bowl of Spicy Noodle Soup. Low and behold across the street I saw a super cute store that I had never noticed before. I like to think of myself as being in the know at all times and was annoyed that I hadn’t heard of this place sooner!

Enter Creme de la Creme a beauty lounge, blow out bar, custom makeup store… basically the best thing to hit Sherwood Park since the Costco Gas Station.

I booked an appointment for three days later and went in totally not knowing what to expect but judging from the website, knowing I’d love every inch of it.

The store is gorgeous and decked out in gold, Tiffany blue, and enough chic details to flatlay until your heart is content. I literally wanted to spend hours in there posing on the chaise lounge and pretending to answer the cute vintage telephone at the desk. Yes, I am that person.

Unfortunately, work had to be done. I had a photo shoot booked for noon at the gorgeous Fairmont and needed to GLAM DA FUQ UP. The lovely Sondra got to work and gave me a perfect blown out bob using Davines products. It was sleek and chic and she even tamed the hell out of my baby hairs.

House De Creme De La CremeI opted for a full face of makeup that would hopefully put Kylie J to shame. No curve was left uncontoured and the “Paparazzi Ready” style makeover was exactly that. How cute is this place with blowouts called “Va Va Volume” and house made Mink Eyelashes called “Saucy”. This place was totally on brand for me and life will be good if I can just go back and buy allll the things.

As I was getting my makeup and hair done by Sondra, the owner Akousa came in and told me her story. We just hit it off and I was crazy impressed with how much she knew about beauty and basically what women want.  She is a branding and marketing genius knowing full well that girls can appreciate the product just as much as the packaging. I love meeting bad ass women who see a market for something and just go after it.
House De Creme De La CremeI left the salon/store/spa feeling too sexy for my own good.I think the guys at the Fairmont Valet were super confused when this hot piece of ass walked out of her old dirty green mini-van. I’m just so glad there is somewhere local to go for my makeup and hair needs, mama is happy.

Creme De La Creme is the perfect spot for a girl’s day and I’ve already gathered the masses to go back and make our own lipsticks. Super affordable, interactive and just different than getting manis-pedis. YAWN. I’ll bring you guys along for the whole shabang via Instagram, don’t you worry.

I had a blast at Creme De La Creme and will be back way sooner than later. Check it out! If you are an Edmonton local you definitely need to stop by and see what I’m talking about. VA VA VOOM 😉

Makeup at Fairmont