The Bund is a super famous area in Shanghai, full of hustle and bustle, gorgeous, building that look straight out of Oliver Twist, and some amazing options to spend your money on.

Some of the bougiest hotels are located at The Bund and it’s easy to see why. The area really is gorgeous and if you have a high room you can get a gorgeous view of the water and skyline. I’m all about enjoying a city skyline over a glass of pinot.

 Where to Stay

The Waterhouse at South Bund is something. Out of this world. With millennials gravitating towards minimalism and simplicity The Waterhouse has listened and created the most amazing environment. Concrete, exposed brick, and simple architectural design bring you a chic place to rest your head.

The room is spacious but bare, and it just works. I loved the attention to detail and even the room cards were cool. If you are looking for chic luxury with a slice of cool, The Warehouse South Bund is your place. Cozy up in the softest robes you’ll find and just sit back and soak it all in. By “all”, I don’t mean much.

The Waterhouse Bed RoomLocated near The Bund but not right at it, The Waterhouse hotel is quiet and in an up and coming area that has some great food and bevy options nearby.

I opted to eat at the hotel’s own restaurant, Table No 1. It’s a delightful restaurant with a menu created by a young chef with world-influenced modern cuisine. It was divine. 

Make sure you have a delicious Pisco Sour from the bar, it was the perfect cocktail to start the evening.

Where to Afternoon Tea

My first Afternoon Tea was in Ireland less than a year ago. Since then I have become some what of an Afternoon aficionado, and live for the chance to pretend I’m English Royalty.

The Waldorf Astoria is one of the oldest luxury hotels. It’s timeless, gorgeous, and pure class.

The Red Velvet Afternoon tea is named after the world’s favorite cake! Why? Because Waldorf Astoria created it. Now you know. The famed hotel also brought us eggs benedict, thousand island dressing, and Waldorf salad. Talk about foodie history being made. Anyways.. the tea.

The tea is lovely. It is a perfect way to spend a cold afternoon indoors, relaxing alone or with friends. I lounged in the gorgeous Salon De Ville, which once was a Gentleman’s club, and listened to the harpist for 2 hours. I was served a 4-tier tea set which included everything from salmon puffs to macarons. I loved every little-mini bite. The tea selection is ample, as it should be, and I started with a pot of Early Grey finishing with Pu-Erh (good for digestion). If you can’t stay at The Waldorf Astoria ( it’s definitely 5* priced), then go and treat yourself to an amazing Red Velvet Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea

Where to Eat

Ya’ll know I got something for the Michelin guide. It gets me hot hot hot.

When I went to Hong Kong last year I really wanted to try out the famous L’ Atelier by Joel Robouchon. I didn’t get the chance but was soon glad to see that a Joe Robuchon had opened in Shanghai.

This place is luxe. Located at the famed Bund 18 a very famous building, you find some of the cities best restaurants. Lots of options. My choice was L’Atelier and I am so damn glad about it.

Truffle, foie gras, french wines… the menu is decadent. I typically don’t like a dark restaurant, sometimes they just feel too night club-y you know? This was a different story. Dark red and black, with perfect lighting and the buzz of an open kitchen, set the mood right away. The smallest details are thought of and the ambiance is done so so well.

I sat at the “bar” which surrounds the open kitchen giving a full view of all the chaos and beauty.

From a french sommelier to the best attention a waiter can give, my meal was unreal. I opted for the classic Chef’s Tasting Experience, 6 courses of pure bliss. Tristan the sommelier paired each dish with the best french wines. It was unreal. Listen to this and try not to die: Waygu beef and foie gras wrapped in truffle. I can’t make this up.

Without a doubt, Joel Robuchon has become my favorite Michelin chef. You can’t miss it! To me, proper gastronomy is an experience and if you are at a fancy restaurant for less than 2 hours, they are doing it wrong. I was there for 3 hours and loved every second of it.  Sit back, eat, drink, and be merry

Luxury can be found at The Bund Shanghai. There are so many choices that you probably won’t be able to try them all, which just means you’ll have to go back. Enjoy and cheers.

Where to Shop

There are some gorgeous malls and commercial centers in this area. I really enjoyed K11. Just walking around and looking at the gorgeous displays at Dolce & Gahanna were enough for me. It’s Chinese New Year so everything is so festive and the general mood was so high.

You’ll find a lot of affordable shopping options as well! A huge Forever 21 is right outside, and although I’m not a fan of fast fashion if you need a quick something you forgot at home… this is your place.

There’s a lot of luxury to be found in Shanghai! The Bund is a must see.