Travelling isn’t easy. If people say it is, they are either lying or on Zoloft.

As I write this I am in Vancouver waiting to go home after my 13-hour flight from China…. sounds shitty? Well, it gets even worse. My flight to Edmonton is canceled due to an ice storm. So not only am I stuck in an airport, but I have raining shards of ice to look forward to when I finally get out of this hell hole. So fun.

During my trip to Shanghai, I did some amazing stuff. Things I never would have dreamt of 3 years ago. I stayed at gorgeous boutique hotels, ate with PR / Marketing suits, and repped my first Louis Vuitton bag the whole way. I’m proud of that little stupid bag! It was a huge purchase for me, and I don’t regret it for a second. I was a gift to myself for staying with this blog for 1 solid year and every time I use it I am reminded of why I bought it. That’s enough sentiment for now….

Recently I sat done with a hotel’s Marketing Manager and we talked about travel and shared our personal flying horror stories. We laughed about how we’ve essentially turned into our mothers and would never travel the way we used to. So I began to ask myself, why?

Why, have I have turned into this high maintenance, luxury experience, some what entitled traveler?

Luxury travel. A niche that I looooove but didn’t necessarily gravitate to right off the bat. Less than 3 years ago I was sleeping on a dirty mat in a shack in Cambodia, I slept on the beach while bats flew in and out of my tent, I ate street food, and “gastronomy” was when a hotel included a grab your own breakfast counter.

I won’t lie and say that my traveling style is all to do with maturing and hard work blah blah. A huge part of it is due to my anxiety and the need for security. I will spend a whole lotta money for personal space, and dead quiet… ask me how well that went in China.

When I booked my trip to Shanghai I knew I was going to need to relax and be alone after a 4-day travel tour in Guangzhou. The delayed flight, crowded airport and inevitable bloating literally had me praising Jesus that I booked a stay with PuLi Resort and Spa.

The PuLi is an urban luxury resort that sets itself apart from a typical 5-star hotel. It’s dark, it’s moody, and it is so so so damn chic.

When I walked in it was 1 am. I was ratchet and exhausted, looking like a not so hot, mess. I felt instantly revived when I saw the hotel lobby, which wasn’t quite a lobby, it got me so intrigued. The lobby features a “Long Bar” which serves as the check -in area and also as a super trendy cocktail lounge. The Long Bar concept is really cool and I knew I’d need a drink ,or 5, later.

After I went to my room my heart melted. I knew I should jump into bed, but instead, I spent time exploring my room. From the plush robes to the stocked open mini-bar. From the crazy shower taps to the tub overlooking a Chinese temple. This place was bougie and it was just what I needed. What really took the cake, was that everything was done at the touch of a button, black-out curtains included.

I finally fell asleep, but not for long. I had a breakfast to attend to. The breakfast is located at Phenix the hotel’s 1 Michelin Star restaurant. It was not your typical breakfast buffet. The service was amazing, the buffet was clean and crisp, and the men in business suits reading newspapers? My oh my.

The hotel is in a great location with some great shopping and restaurants nearby. If you are tired and just wanting to relax you really don’t need to leave the hotel. Phenix Eatery and Bar is amazing. The place is always buzzing with hotel guests, and people living in Shanghai. Eating in, was exactly what I needed to rest and recover from the chaos in Guangzhou. I, of course, ordered a burger in bed.

Y’all know I got a thing for Michelin Star Restaurants, gotta catch ’em all. When you go to Phenix, make sure you go for lunch! The set menu is such a killer deal, and you get to try 3 courses of pure bliss.

Shanghai is a crazy city but it was soooo cold when I went so I didn’t explore as much as I should have and to be honest I was just tired.

Thankfully, PuLi Hotel and Spa provided comfort, style, and some gorgeous eye candy during my stay. I’m talking about the design, not the men. PROMISE.

My trip to Shanghai showed me my travel style, it reminded me that THIS is my thing and backpacking isn’t. Not anymore, and that’s okay.

What’s your travel style? Have you ever felt the guilt that can come with traveling and spending a whole lotta cash?